Photo Keeper

No room? No problem.

Photo Keeper lets you keep all your favorite photos on your phone, while allowing you to free up space to take more pictures. Get the app

Photo Keeper features

Easy to Use

Simply launch Photo Keeper and tap on an album to import all the photos in the album. To import all your photos, just tap on the Saved Photos album.

Import Your Albums

Photo Keeper imports all your existing albums, allowing you to keep your photos organized the way you want.

Save Space

Photo Keeper lets you keep all your favorite photos on your phone at a fraction of the storage space.

How does it work? Photo Keeper re-sizes your photos to fit your phone's screen, saving the smaller image as new file. The smaller image takes only a fraction of the storage space of the original photo. You can delete the original photo anytime you like to free up storage space; Photo Keeper will keep the smaller version of the photo - even after the original is deleted.


About Us


About Us

We here at Sassarara, Inc. are committed to building simple solutions for everyday problems. Our goal is to build clean, functional apps that provide concrete benefit to the user. That's it.

Photo Keeper is the first of our apps. It is a simple design with a simple goal: let me keep my photos with me, but give me room to take more photos. So that's all it does.

Our email: info@sassarara.com

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